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Undertile heating provides an economical way to warm up an entire room, and Warmup offers an affordable, luxurious, and effective heating solution that is easy to operate and requires no maintenance. This type of heating is particularly ideal for tile and stone surfaces due to their high thermal conductivity, which allows the heat from the underfloor wire to transfer quickly to the surface and provide warmth exactly where it is needed.

Proper installation and control of the system can effectively eliminate any cold spots or drafts, resulting in a cost-effective heating solution. Underfloor heating is also easily installed in both new and existing homes, whether it is for a single bathroom or an entire floor area, with minimal disruption to the building or renovation process typically occurring just before tiling.

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Typical Questions About Undertile Heating Whangarei

Is Undertile heating expensive to run?

The cost of running underfloor heating will be determined by various factors, such as the size of the room, the duration of use, and the level of insulation in the room.

 Our underfloor heating system for tile floors boasts a 25 year Warranty when installed by Tiling 4U. We are a Warmfloor approved installer. 
To better understand the monthly running costs, use the WarmFloor Calculator.

Can I install Undertile heating in my shower?

Yes you can legally as our cable is fully compliant for this situation, however we recommend against this practice for the following reasons:

  1. If you install a cable in the shower floor, it will consume unnecessary electricity as the floor can be heated by the hot water.

  2. In case of a water leak in your wet area, replacing the entire bathroom floor would be necessary if the tiles need to be lifted, as opposed to just replacing the shower area.

Is underfloor heating worth the investment?

Underfloor heating is a well-established technology known for its energy efficiency and time-tested benefits. It’s an excellent option for homeowners seeking greater control over their home’s temperature, providing a more comfortable living environment that heats up faster than traditional heating methods.

Moreover, underfloor heating not only offers a great solution for cold weather, but it also sits beneath the floor surface. This feature ensures safety and promotes allergy-free surroundings.

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